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making sure you will act
at the right time

Be Safe facilitates and creates dynamic training courses where each participant is an actor in his or her own training. We rely on the foundations of active teaching: the experience of the participants, their experience, their reflections, the role-playing and the involvement of the learners.

At Be Safe, at the end of a training course, the important thing is not that the participants know but that they act to become prevention actors in the field !

First aid at work

Acquire the necessary knowledge in first aid to protect or rescue any person within the company and until the arrival of help. Prepare for the qualification of First Aid at work.

Fire prevention and fighting

Learn to avoid combining the components necessary to start a fire, and in the event that one does occur, learn to act properly to protect yourself, your family and coworkers.

electrical accreditation

Electrical Accreditation Training is a focus on training and education of the following areas: electrical safety, electrical installation, wiring practices and code referencing.

forklift truck

Forklift Certified Training is a course designed to teach the principles of safe practices and safe work practices when using a forklift. The course includes a foundation of safety, Hazards and Emergency Response, Tools and Operations, Documentation and Reporting.

Evacuation - Guide and Queue

This course is designed to train managers, employees and employers on the correct procedures for an evacuation in the workplace. The training will include a range of modules covering the legal requirements, building evacuation plans and checklists, personal protective equipment (PPE), personnel management and communications during event.

Cherry Picker

Being safe on a cherry picker is the responsibility of everyone. The chances of injury at work increase substantially when you are not aware of the potential dangers, your training or qualifications may not be sufficient, and safety equipment may be missing or non-existent.

Chemical Risk

Chemical Risk Certified Training Course is designed to prevent unnecessary accidents at your site. This safety training course is an easy way to keep your workers safe in potentially hazardous environments. The course covers various chemical risks and how to stay safe when working with these hazardous materials.

Explosive Atmosphere Risk (ATEX)

Our Explosive Atmosphere Risk (ATEX) certified training course is the most comprehensive training on this topic in the industry. This course will equip you with all of the skills and information needed to protect your team from explosive risks.

Ergonomics - Gestures and Postures

Our training courses are designed to train your staff in the art of reducing workplace injuries and keeping your business in compliance with Labour & Employment Law.

Handle Stress

This course covers the basics of stress management, including: how to recognize stress, what causes of stress are, the effects of stress on your body and mind. You’ll learn how to manage your own anxiety and become more proactive in addressing it.

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